‘Lady-Bird-Transformation’ Sculpture Installed at the Busan Cinema Center

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The recently installed Lady-Bird Transformation artwork was recently installed at the Busan Cinema Center.

BUSAN, South Korea -- A decorative piece of artwork, Ralf Sander’s ‘Lady-Bird-Transformation(Mirage)’, was installed at Busan Cinema Center on August 7, 2012.

The sculpture transforms from a lady into a sea gull, depending on the angle from which it is viewed, hence the title of the sculpture. The idea of transformation and the seagull symbolize film as media and Busan Metropolitan City respectively. 

The seagull has long been a symbol of freedom. Seagulls can be seen soaring above the waves, diving into the water and floating on its surface. They connect different worlds and appear equally at ease in each of their environments. Films, too, lead us to discover different worlds.  The white wings of the seagull can also be said to remind Koreans of the traditional white sleeves of the Korean Hanbok. Thus, in a sense the white seagull symbolizes not only Busan City but also Korea. 

The sculpture’s ‘Transformations’ also contain a universal truth, in that in daily life, as in films, our vision changes considerably depending on our viewing position.

The 2.6 meter wide and 10.2 meter high chrome-plated stainless steel sculpture was selected from a total of 106 entries to the International Competition for Decorative Artwork of Busan Cinema Center. 

For more information, please contact the Film & Culture Industry Division at 051) 888-3495.

Source: Busan City News


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