BIFF News: Flash Forward Selections Announced

The 17th Busan International Film Festival, held for 10 days from October 4th to 13th, has announced eight selections for its non-Asian competitive section Flash Forward.

SEOUL, South Korea -- The Flash Forward is a competitive section which introduces the first or second works of non-Asian directors and encourages the cinematic art. The Flash Forward has found a number of filmmakers who present diverse stories, such as Guido Lombardi (A Criminal Education, 2011), Lisa Langseth (Pure, 2010), and Zaida Bergroth (Last Cowboy Standing, 2009). The Flash Forward serves as a platform for non-Asian directors to extend globally.
The lineup of the 17th Busan International Film Festival’s Flash Forward includes sensitive, different and non-traditional films full of original ideas from music video directors: All Musicians Are Bastards by Heleri Saarik (Estonia) explores the side of musicians through the director’s sensitive perspective. Annelie by Antej Farac (Germany) is about homeless and drug addicts living in Munich trying to protect an old building and their residence, Annelie. Fuer Elise by Wolfgang Dinslage (Germany) portrays 15-year-old Elise’s anxious adolescence and the beginning of new life with emotional piano tune.
Likewise, the Flash Forward reveals agony of humans and painful reality through films: Scar by Jimmy Larouche (Canada) deals with a man returning in time for the opportunity to revenge. State of Emergency by Vsevolod Benningsen (Russia) is consisted of four shorts and portrays the conflict that arises between people who face an unexpected crisis. The Crack by Alfonso Acosta (Columbia) is a mysterious and brutal tale about the death of a sister and her family.
There also are Flower Buds by Zdenek Jirasky (Czech Republic), a Christmas film about lives of a family living in a small town near a border, and Steel by Stefano Mordini (Italy), a romantic drama of a little girl’s growing pain and the lives of her working class family.


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