Busan Dialect Language Club “Amoracano!” Seeks Language Participants

For those looking to broaden their Korean language skills, the group "Amoracano" helps anyone willing to learn the local Busan dialect.

BUSAN, South Korea -- A new group catering to local language learning has popped up and is seeking those interested in learning "Busan satoori" or the local dialect. The group, "Amoracano", which literally means "What are you talking about?" in Busan dialect, are hosting an event on Tuesday, August 28th at 7 p.m. in Yeonjae-gu at the Busan Global Center to teach the Busan dialect with fun skits and practice in a cozy, fun enviornment.

What is Amoracano?

“Amoracano” is a social language club for those who would like to know their local culture & friends. It’s not a Korean language class! – it’s simple, easy and fun! “Amoracano” not only focuses on learning Busan dialect but also making local friends. The previous one was very successful so we wish this social–language club will be continue to grow bigger and better!

What is the BFIA?

Busan Foundation for International Activities, BFIA, is a nonprofit organization established by Busan Metropolitan City to create a comfortable international city infrastructure for foreigners and systematic international relations with world cities.

BFIA does those three main activities, International Exchanges, Supporting Foreign Residents and Citizen’s Global Awareness. Specify, BFIA operates Phone Counseling center for giving necessary assistance to foreign resident. (operating with Japanese, Chinese and English) and also offers free Korean Language Learning services, Industrial field trips, and scholarships and intern opportunities for international student in Busan.

What is BIGS?

Busan Interactive Global Supporters, BIGS is a university student volunteering group for BFIA, being comprised of fifteen members. BIGS dedicates themselves to make closer between foreign residents and Busan local citizen in more actual ways, holding a public free lecture with Andrew Millard (U.K.), free Korean cinema with various language subtitles, organizing coastal clean-up volunteer project with foreign residents, also involving “Amoracano”. 

To join, or more information, contact Christine Kim at christine.kim0812@gmail.com or aiemako1234@gmail.com. Applications should be handed in no later than Friday, August 25th.



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