Five Local Universities Look to Attract More Foreign Students

As Busan's universities try to globalize, the BFIA will introduce them this week at the Liaoning International Education Fair in China.

BUSAN, South Korea - The BFIA will participate at the 'Liaoning International Education Fair' taking place in Dalian, China, from July 14 to 15.

Liaoning International Education Fair, a major international exhibition on studying overseas, is being held for the 13th time this year, providing information on universities around the world. Participation in this event is one of the BFIA's key strategies to attract Chinese students to Busan, and the BFIA will support the cost of five Busan-based universities at the Fair: Dong-A, Dongju, Youngsan and Kyungsung Universities, and Kyungnam College of Information & Technology. 

Meanwhile, an information session for students considering studying in Busan will be held the day before the Education Fair takes place.

Source: Busan Life Magazine

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