Footpath Between Oncheoncheon Stream and Suyeong River Finally Connected

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Busan has recently increased the amount of footpaths in the city in hopes of making exercise an easier and safer option in the city limits.

BUSAN, South Korea - Recently, Busan City has completed the 685 meter long stretch of footpath from Oncheoncheon's Allak-gyo Bridge, Allak-dong, Dongnae-gu to the stream's confluence with the Suyeong River. This means that the footpath and cycle path between Oncheoncheon Stream and the Suyeong River are now complete. Walkers and cyclists can now travel conveniently through this section, without having to stop or take the previously circuitous route.      

The 27.3 kilometer circular footpath and cycle path connecting Oncheoncheon Stream (Cheongnyong-dong, Geumgjeong-gu ? Allak-dong, Dongnae-gu, 12.7 kilometers) to the Suyeong River (Hoedong Reservoir ? the confluence of Gwangalli Sea, 14,6 kilometers) are now complete.

When heavy rain falls in a short amount of time or during the rainy season, if the river is flooded, a bar will automatically descend to block this path, for the safety of those using the paths.

Source: Busan City News

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