I'Park Player Profile: Lim Sang-hyub

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Lim Sang-hyub is a rising star on the Busan I'Park. Get to know him more by reading his player profile.

Name : Lim Sang Hyub

Date of Birth : July 8, 1988

Born : Seoul, Korea

Joined I’Park : 2009 in Pro & 2011 in Busan

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 74kg

Position & Number : MF.11

Nickname : Ddanghyubii

Family : Parents, Older sister

Favorite food : Chicken

Property : Family

Jinx : He takes a shower before each game

Religion : Christian

Hobby : Internet surfing, Bowling

Favorite song : Confession - Lee SuHoon

Habit : None

Stress relief : He buys whatever he wants to buy

Thinking of self : Hello, Busan I'Park fans! I am Im sang-hyub, who joined this team with Yo-han. I am so happy to meet you all and to wear the I'Park uniform. And thank for all the encouragement and caring although I just joined this team. My strength is a breakthrough and dribble and my jinx is that I do take a shower before every game because I feel that I can have play better with a neat heart and clean body. Especially, I expect to accomplish a lot this season and I will try to do my best with the other players.

Translation by Mun Ju-young

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