Korea's Largest Surf Shop is in Haeundae

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Busan is not quite a surfing Mecca, but hey, there are 20-30 surfing souls out there daily giving it a go. And now they have a place nearby to get their gear.

BUSAN, South Korea - Last April, in Haeundae, Minossurf celebrated the opening of their new store. It’s owned by Korean surfer, Min Song, who is entering the budding Korean surf market for the first time.

Minossurf is the largest in Korea, and stocks everything from boards to boardies and accessories. Min has stocked his store with all the latest in surfing gear, making his shop a surfers’ dream.

Minossurf is currently the only spot in Korea to deal exclusively with Webber and McTavish (surfboards), in addition to FCS (fins and high quality wet-suits). Minossurf also sports a club house for surfers and offers board rentals and surf lessons for all levels, from beginners to the more advanced surfers who want to hone their skills.

When asked why he decided to open a Western style surf shop in Korea, Min said that the decision was “a difficult one.” As a resident of Australia, he had to leave his life and a booming industry behind to start from scratch in Korea. It was the pure love of surfing that fuelled the ambition to open Minossurf.

Haeundae, on a good day when the surf is high and the rides are worth the paddle out

“I believe that supplying decent quality goods and building accessibility for surfing equipment and culture will help the development of the surfing culture in Korea. Surfing seems an important part of western life, even though it is originally a Polynesian spiritual activity. So, I thought that by bringing that culture to my shop and Korea, it would help people understand surfing better,” he said.

Minossurf is located in Mipo at the end of Haeundae beach that heads up towards Dalmaji. You can check out their English website here.



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