KTO Launches "Korea Pass"

The Korean Tourist Organization has released its newest convenience for travelers with the creation of a "Korea Pass" card.

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched the Korea Pass with which tourists may pay for various travel-related expenses such as transportation, accommodations and shopping. Korea Pass consists of three different types of cards: credit, check and pre-paid. Prepaid cards and check cards are available for international visitors, while credit and check card are for local residents.

Cards may be purchased in 50,000 KRW; 100,000 KRW; 300,000 KRW; and 500,000 KRW.

Just like other credit cards, Korea Pass is accepted at any credit card merchant. In addition, card holders may enjoy other benefits such as discounts at Korea Pass merchants nationwide, travel credits (for credit & check card users), and specialized travel services such as discount coupons (for pre-paid card users) at participating tourist destinations.

For more information on Korea Pass, go to the official website at www.koreapass.or.kr

Source: Busan Life Magazine

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