National Maritime Museum to Open July 9th

The National Maritime Museum opens up for visitors starting next Tuesday on Yeong-do Island.

BUSAN, South Korea -   Located on the coast of Yeongdo-gu, the National Maritime Museum will open to the visitors on July 9, 2012. With a wide range of interesting maritime displays and educational programs the Museum attracts people including families, school groups, tour groups, inter-state and international visitors.

▶ Date & time : Opening Ceremony – July 7(Mon), 2012 2:20pm – 4pm
▶ Location : The National Maritime Museum (Yeongdo-gu, Dongsam-dong, Busan)
▶ Admission : Free
▶ Museum Hours : Tues.~Sun. 9am.-6pm
※ For more information, please visit the National Maritime Museum.

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