Round Robin Comes to Busan

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Numerous drum sets, loads of cables and a bunch of music loving fans. What more can you ask for? The Round Robin is coming to Busan. Fans sit in the middle, surrounded by bands playing a song before moving on to the next.

BUSAN, South Korea - This Saturday, at INTERPLAY in PNU, Super Color Super brings down its patented Round Robin to Busan. Teaming up with Allive for the 1st Round Robin in Busan, this event is sure to be a unique music experience for your ears.

The Concept

The Round Robin brings the audience to the center of the show, with all eight acts set up around the outside edges of the venue. This way, there is no headliner, no front or back of the show. The acts are all set up at the same time, and all the acts play their songs one-by-one. Who knows? You may have a shoe-gazing post-pop song followed by a hardcore punk band. With a number of local and out-of-town acts, it’s a great night to catch a taste of what is happening musically these days in Korea.


Wayfarer State

Peter Strobosscher

Plastic Duck Armada      

Go Kid Go   



Defector Frequency 


The 411:

When: Saturday, January 29  

Starts: 9PM

Where: Interplay (IN PNU)

Cost: 15,000W

To Pre-buy tickets:  (Pre-sale ends January 28th)

Wire money to Shin Han Bank (Heo Ji-young) Account #:100-026-821308

After wiring, send an email to with: 1. Your name 2. Number of tickets  3. Amount sent

티켓 예매: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼) / 신한 100-026-821308

입금 후 으로: 1. 이름 2. 참조 번호 3. 티켓 구매 수와 금액에 대한 정보를 보내주십 시오.

Directions: At Pusan National University Subway, take Exit 3 and walk straight for about three minutes until you hit the main road. Take a right and walk straight and 1 minute after you pass BS Bank, Interplay will be on your left.

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