Suicide Stops Subway Line 1

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A 30-year-old man jumped to his death in front of a moving subway yesterday in Seodashin-dong.

BUSAN, South Korea - A 30-year-old man's suicide on line 1 of the Busan Subway caused disruption of the service yesterday afternoon after jumping in front of a moving train, dying instantly.

CCTV cameras showed the man, whose business had been failing, jumping in front of the moving train in front of his wife and five-year-old child at Seodashin-dong station at 3:24 yesterday afternoon. After shutting down the station for 25 minutes, full service to the subway was restored.

“We assume that the man killed himself in a fit of anger after arguing with his wife,” a spokesman for the Busan Transportation Corporation said.

“We’re still trying to find out the motive of the suicide by cooperating with the police.”

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