Two Whisky Shots and a Pint of Kimchi, Please

Two different breweries in North America have invented a "kimchi beer", adding to the Korean staples global appeal.

BUSAN, South Korea -- Maybe weirder than the concept of “kimchi beer” is the fact that two separate brewhouses decided to invent it simultaneously. Two breweries in different countries—Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, a tiny microbrewery in Vankleet Hill, Ontario, and Barry’s Homebrew Outlet in Philadelphia—tried integrating kimchi into a spicy new beer, working over the experiment for a few weeks in June. In a funny way the combination makes sense, since both kimchi and beer are fermented products, and inventive microbreweries using ingredients like chili or jalapeno peppers isn’t unusual. Probably best to not order the stuff by the pitcher, though.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

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