UFO Filmed in Busan, Korea Over the Weekend

South Koreans across the country are hitting the highways en route to Busan for the summer beach season. If a viral video making the rounds on the internet is to be believed, apparently alien expats are making their way here for the sun and sand as well.

BUSAN, South Korea -- Along with the international film festival every October, this is the time of year when Korea’s second city shines. Or at least the time of year when seemingly everyone in the country descends on Haeundae and Busan’s surrounding beaches for some sunshine and their square meter of sand guaranteed them by birth.

On top of the roughly one million people expected to swarm Haeundae Beach daily in the coming weeks, should they clear out a spot for the extraterrestrials as well?

If this video shot in Busan over the weekend of a "horseshoe-shaped UFO" is to be believed, and barring any trouble with immigration, then yes.

You can be the judge for yourself.

Have a great time on the beach, and play nice with the aliens.


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