[VIDEO] Busan Cop Hangs on to Car for 25 Minutes and then Subdues Driver

Good cop, bad cop, super cop. Busan's Kim Hyun-cheol defies gravity, holding onto a speeding vehicle for 25 minutes before jumping off and grabbing the driver as he fled into the subway station.

BUSAN, South Korea -- During a routine traffic stop, a driver decided to hammer on the gas and flee. That's when Busan's Officer Kim Hyun-cheol decided to jump on top for the ride. Fifteen kilometers and 25 minutes later, after the driver zigzagged through traffic ramming both civilian and police vehicles, he finally stopped at an intersection, jumped out and ran. Officer Kim then leaped from the top of the vehicle, gave pursuit and nabbed him in the subway station.

Here is the footage filmed by a police cruiser (10 seconds).

CNN picked up on the story and ran the complete footage, including the final abduction in the subway station. Though it was originally a minor traffic stop, police afterwards said the driver was wanted on drug charges.

Kim was promoted to assistant inspector for his act of heroism.

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