Sir Snaf @ Star Face, Dalmaji-gil

Ey up me ducks,


Sir Snaf will be back at Star Face to moisten your 'tash and loosen your hips.


4 hours of ghetto bass, disco breaks and grindin' steez... cut, pasted, mixed, mashed and scratched by Sir Snaf.


Crumbling your loins this month will be:


Tenor Fly ~ Flow Dynamics ~ People Under The Stairs ~ Diesler ~ JPod ~ Classixx ~ Jungle Brothers ~ Kim Tolliver ~ Hong Kong Ping Pong ~ Panama Cardoon ~ Basement Freaks ~ Groove Fellaz ~ Kanye ~ Krafty Kuts ~ J-Rocc ~ Nick Thayer ~ Mr Scruff ~ Biggie ~ Kool & the Gang ~ aaaand LOADS OF HEAVY D. RIP.


Come dance di dance





Calendar Event: 
Fri, 2011-11-25 23:00 - 23:59

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