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One thing that I can never live without is MP3

One thing that I can never live without is MP3

Usually, I always listen to music with MP3 when I go to school and walk and go to somewhere.

If I forget to bring my mp3, I feel depress. Because I'm very bored as I go to anywhere.

In addition to during the day, I listen to music or radio before I sleep.

And I study English with mp3. Listening to pop-song is great helpful for study English.

Sometimes I take the lyrics for talking about English. It was useful to me.

These days, the best song I love is the 'I want to kiss you'. The singer is Jung yeop.

I love him very well. Ordinary, I like to listen to his songs.

Anyway, I guess that I can't live without mp3.

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The thing that i never forget is a Letter.

One thing that i never forget is a Letter.

Since I was middle school, I have been collected the letter that from someonce has been received.

Somtime when I clean the room, I read a letter.

It is makes me happy and sad in reminiscent of the past.

The letter is me of the past.

Therefore it is makes me see again.

I will keep them forever.

Because it is means that see the my memories.

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What is the one thing you own

What is the one thing you own that you can never live without? For this question, I don't want you to think about family, but something that you actually own, for example your tv, a phone, an iPad, photos or something like that.

I can never live without friends and camera!
friends is my best of best treasure.
camera is my hobby and memory.
I have took a picture for long time.
so camera is my friend and my life and it is just me.
i have camera allday and take a picture all thing.
i belive that the picture only substitute the memory.

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friend, the most happiness.

This is hard question. hmm... I think, most important thing in my life is friend.


actually, we mat just unfamiliar personal. but suprisingly we hanging out together and laughig together.


i have some friends, they are so valuable for me. they support me in trouble, if i depressed they say, 'cheer up. girl!'


they give me happy, beautiful memory, good advice for my worry.


i don't want without them, and i can't imagine without them.


I love my people, and i share them many things. I wish we together forever. maybe we became grandmother.



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My smart phone!

What is the one thing you own that you can never live without? 

um.. Only one thing ... I choose smart phone! Because smart phone is all possible. For example internet possible !

Internet is all information. So I know information to world . Also shopping is possible. Eat, watch tv, and movie all can !

Make a friend is possibe. Impossible isn't exist. I'am beleive ! Thank you .

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the one thing that I can never live without
I can never live without photos.
The pictures we took make the memories of our trip indelible.
I look back on my young days as she looks at her old pictures.
Of course, Family or friend are my priceless treasures.
But if I except such thing ... I choose photos.
It is priceless treasures too. 


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What is the one thing you own that you can never live without?

What i can't live without one thing is my Dog.

I'm not sure if you are satisfied with my answer. Because my dog is also kinds of my family. but that's sure. i never imagine living without him. I have two reasons for my thinking. First of all, i got him from my friend when i was 15 years old.
He is yorkshire terrier. we have been together for 11 years. it's very long time. He always wait for me. For example,
when i traveled in australia and europe and japan in the last year, Or when i did milatary service, He still remembered and waited
for me. He would sometimes bark and bite all my family. Plus he hate lying on the floor on the arms. But he never bark and bite me
and everytime i tried for him to lay on my arm, he doesn't care. That means he likes especially me.

Second of all, he is overcoming from an incurability illness. Around 7 years ago, The doctor who care about an animals said to us,
Your dog has a illness which we can not handle and solve. We are not sure when your dog pass away. After that time,
He started to have difficulty walking, eating, using his leg. furthermore, a nerve which is connected with eyes, a tongue, front legs from the brain started to paralyzed. All my family readied to let him go...  But my mother never gave up passing him away, she always woke up at 3 am for 5years and let him outside for pee. and she has always made a his own feed which is smashed and mixed with some of milk for him. He was getting better and better, he is fine at the moment.

I have a lot of experiece with him. Everytime i imagine what i go to my home, i start to be impressed and looked forward to seeing him. Seriously, i can't live withougt him.  

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Valuable thing is friends and photos.

Valuable thing to me seems to be friends and photos.


Above all, there are best friends that can not be changed.


When I'm sick or depressed, I'm happy to see friends.


We have not met a lot of work to do each of these days, but it felt good every time I'm looking at pictures.

Sometimes friends are more important than family suddenly remembered was smaller.


The end.

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I can never live without my ipod touch 4g.

the ipod touch 4g has many various functions like smart phone.

Actually my phone isn`t smart phone so can not much.

You know these days, many peoples interact with the kakao talk, facebook, and mypeople. ,so I naturally consider ipod valuable.

I check on facebook, kakao talk and cyworld everyday through ipod.

That activity is my pleasure in my life.

I cannot live without my ipod. I love it.



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What is the one thing you own that you can never live without?

It is my cell phone.
I can't live my cell phone. Because I can do everything with my phone.
For exmple, contact with my friends and famaily, searching on the internet, playing games, listening to music, studying and watching TV.
This help me anywhen, anywhere. And It makes me pleasure.
If It disappear, I have a panic I always feel boring in life.

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