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The question is: Do you think

The question is: Do you think it is safe to be out late at night by yourself? Or is Korea becoming more dangerous?

some pepole think sate.
but are bad.

many people are late go home.
it is very dangerous.

Any country also have a problem in late at night.

and just I think increase crazy people.

because of nowadays people have a many stress from reason.

very terrible.

you must keep safe your self

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In my opinion

I think,
it is very dangerous.
Because, according to news, nowdays a lot of crimes are happening in Korea.
When i walk down the street at night, repeatedly looked around.
Our country isn't not safe, but can not relax.
But, it is happen all countries as well as Korea.
Whenever i hear bad news, lax security is resentful.
Korea is stepping up security and is necessary to create a more secure country at night.

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Do you think it is safe to be out late at night by yourself?

Do you think it is safe to be out late at night by yourself ?

I think it is dangerous to walk alone at night.
In particular, she is more dangerous.
Recently crime has increased. Most crime victims are women.
So, I think , it is dangerous if out at night alone.
And, It is dangerous not only in Korea but also in other country.
But, Differently other country, our country doesn't strictly punished.
Require strict penalties for criminals. 

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Korea is not safe country at all.

I think Korea is not very dangerous compare to other countries, but being out late at night is not safe especially for women. As recent crimes happened at night, Women can't be out at night freely. Nowadays, sexual crimes like rape getting serious problems. So, our government need to make something strong such as policy to protect women. Otherwise, the problem wont be solved. I hope that the crime never happen again.

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I think not safe to be out late at night by oneself.

Because these days a lot of crime is rising .

In particular, Women is easy to become target of murder, rape, etc.

And penalties of korea is Weak .

So I think korea becoming more dangerous.

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Being late out at night alone is dangerous.

Not especially in Korea, but almost everywhere.

We need to be careful when we walk at really dark and deserted street.

I think Korea is becoming more dangerous. There are many crimes particularly sexual crime.

Not only the number of crimes, but also the level of crimes in Korea is getting serious.

Although Korea is "developing" economically, I don't think this country is becoming truly 'good country'.

I think it is because we have obsessed about only money and becoming 'rich Korea', so we couldn't pay attention to our society.



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I think that it is not safe to be out late at night by oneself.

I think that it is not safe to be out late at night by oneself in all nations.

And it is dangerous to both man and woman.

Also, this is not only Korea’s danger.

I think that all nations exposure this danger in the present.


I think that Korea is becoming more dangerous.

Recently, Many crime is occurred in Korea; a case of torso murder in Daechon park, etc.

Crime such as a Daechon park crime must be disappeared as soon as possible.

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safety or dangerous korea?

I think it isn't safe to be out at night my oneself.

Recently, there are some bad and surprise incidents in Korea.

In my opinion, It result from an information-oriented society.

This causes violence,simplicity and carelessness.

For example, there is a passerby.

From opposite direction, therer is a man.

A man looked up into a passerby's face.

But, because of only this reason, a person  knocked to death.

It shows modern people's serious wariness about another person and violence.

I think such incidents occur not only Korea but also every nation.

The world is changing in that way.

We all have to recognize problems and find out solution.

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Do you think it is safe to be out late at night by yourself? Or

i think Korea becoming more and more dangerous.

people take murder lightly than the old days.

so i'm not safe to be out late at night. because i'm not exception.

as possible as early to come home and be careful myself. 

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Do you think it is safe to be out late at night by yourself?

I think to be out late at night is dangerous in Korea.

I heard Korea is pretty safe in night than others.

However, hideous crimes are keep increasing in korea so anyone is not safe.

I think Korea society is being individualism and psychopath is increasing.

Especially, women should aviod deserted street at night and learn some self-defense martial art.



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