2012 Spring Semester - Week 8 Advanced

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I went last month to Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival.

Jinhae is worth visiting because it is famous for its cherry blossoms.

There were beautiful flowers in full bloom.

I usally had participated International Rock Festival, International Fireworks Festival, International Film Festival.

All big festivals in Busan.

Soon, the Yeosu Expo will start.

During the vacation, I will participate.

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Unfortunately, I have only participated in Busan Gwang-an bridge bicycle festival 3 years ago. I traveled from Dong-Myung university to the whole bridge. It was fantastic as I was watching Busan beach and riding bicycle at the same time. This year, I am planning to take part in Busan festivals as volunteer. there are Busan dock festival, film festival and so on. I hope to enjoy some of Busan festivals soon.

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do you usually attend any festivals in Busan or around the area?

I'm not usually attend any festivals in any other city around Korea..

But It's not that any festivals in Korea is unattractive, it may because I'm a lazy person.

So from this year I decide to attend the almost festivals at least in Busan, and If situation be help me including other city too.

Now I'm really excited about EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA , and The 30th Busan Theater festival  which as coming soon.


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I went to Jin Hae.

There are many festivals in this season because of spring!^^

I really wanted to go any festivals to see flowers ..... but I had no time,

I had to study for mid-term test .... However!

This year, all at once, I went to Jin Hea with my mom on Sunday.

That festival name is Cherry blossoms Festival. This is very famous.

There were so many people in there during the festival.

we were in there very short time ....but I was so happy I fulfilled my wish(go flower-viewing).

Next time... I want to go any festivals with boy friend*^^*

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absolutely The Jeonju International Film Festival!!

The Jeonju International Film Festival ended last week
The Jeonju International Film Festival is not as famous as The Busan International Film Festival.
but The Jeonju International Film Festival show independent films
I like independent films.
As people eat raw fish, there is felt unrefined something.
Since I don't elude part-time job, I don't attended Jeonju festival
It's Unfortunate...

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do you usually attend any festivals in around the area

I try to attend all festivals.

Especially I love to go cherry blossom viewing.

The cherry blossoms are best in the middle of April.

It's nice to be outside under the cherry blossoms.

I went cherry blossom viewing last week.

It's wonderful.

I will go to cherry blossom viewing next year!



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Busan festival!

I don't really attend any festivals, but I'm going to be a volunteer for the Busan International Short Film Festival. Even though I cant attend classes for 5 days, this experience will be valuable. If I have enough time, I want to go interesting festivals. Fire works is one of the popular festivals in busan but, I don't like to attend it because it is too crowded. BIFF is very famous festival and I like attend the festival because I love to watch movies. so, I went the new place for the festival at last festival but, I was not much nicer than I expected.

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Busan Busan ​​International

Busan Busan ​​International Film Festival is a festival.
This festival is a festival all citizens who want to participate.
Thus from Busan​​, because I had a chance to participate.
The cost of participating in the festival, but is expensive and I could not try to attend the festival.
However, in the vicinity of another mind paying the cost of a lot of people were attending.

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Gwangalli Eobang Festival and UN Park Flower Festival

I went to Gwangalli Eobang Festival and UN Park Flower Festival with my boyfriend.
He lives in Gwangalli, so i went there. We went sightseeing there,
There were many people in Gwangalli. It was crowded.
Also, we went UN park. It was crowded too. Furthermore, there were flowers all around.
We enjoyed the beautiful sight to the full. I have never seen such a picturesque view as this.

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As this is the season for festivals in Korea, do you usually att

As this is the season for festivals in Korea, do you usually attend any festivals in Busan or around the area during the year? 

 I never have attended any festivals, so I don't have any idea about it. but I want to attend many festivals. I should have gone to Jinhae

cherry blossoms festival. but now there are no cherry blossoms. I wish I could go to some festival next year.

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