2012 Spring Semester - Week 8 Advanced

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I am not well attended festivals and events.

The reason money is expensive and far more people bustle.

I am going to a lot of people have an aversion.

The reason you encounter a lot of people there and even when something is standing in line to wait.

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I rarely attend festivals in Korea.

However I  like watching movies and seeing stars.

So I attend to Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) about once in two years.

It's interesting because many kind of movies and stars come in Busan.

BIFF fever spread throughout the Busan.

I also like the fever of BIFF. 

Two years ago I went to opening of BIFF.

I saw many stars, directors and opening movie is good to me.

I will attend to BIFF in this year.



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lee daekwan

I did not have this year.

Last year I went with my girlfriend for Cherry Blossom Festival

I do not have it often

because time to get to know each other too difficult to meet

So I will try to go to EXPO

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no im not

usually im not attend any festivals in busan.

because there is no festival that im interested in.

and this is the final exam term.

so i have to study more.

i dont want to go out, and i dont like the place very crowded.


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As this is the season for

As this is the season for festivals in Korea, do you usually attend any festivals in Busan or around the area during the year?

No, I have never been to the festival.

I am sophomore ,I did not participate in the college festival.

Because there are a lot of people, noisy and terrific jams

I hate the noise and I feel carsickness. So i do not stay too long in the car.

So I have never been to the festival.

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Yes I do because I'm a

Yes I do because I'm a foreigner so of course I would like to go to different festivals in Busan.

And it's a school festival season on May so I'm not only go to our school's festival but other school in Busan.

School festival in Korea are quite interesting and crazy,there're lots of events and alcohol party for three days.

Besides I also attend to some Busan festivals like cherry flower festival and firework festival.

It's amazing so I think I would like to attend to those festivals every year! 

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As this is the season for festivals in Korea, do you usually att

I don't think there are lots of interesting festivals in Korea.
Of course the various events are held in Korea depended on season.
However honestly I'm rarely interested in that except cherry blossom.
I really like this flower, cherry blossom, and this is why I like spring season the most.

'Gunhang-je' held in Jinhae in Gyeongsang province is most pupular cherry blossom in Korea,
and this spring I went there to enjoy spring to the fullest with my friend.
I think everyone was waiting for this season
and Gunhang-je satisfied all with beautiful flowers.

In the case of Busan, there are so many festival that is managed by Busan city
such as firework festival in October, motor show, international film festival and so on.

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There are not many opportunities to attend the festival

To participate in the festival time and money is needed

But to me they do not

I need to attend the festival only is the school festival

But the festival does not enjoy the trial period and the close

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do you usually attend any festivals in Busan during the year?

actually I have attended BIFF since I was high school student.

This year I absolutely will attend BIFF.

BIFF is the biggest film festival in Asia, so I`m very proud of the truth.

Last year, I watched movie with my friend the name is faust.

That movie is interested in me.


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 As this is the season for

 As this is the season for festivals in Korea, do you usually attend any festivals in Busan or around the area during the year?


I attended rock festival at SaSang with my friend. In this festival, Yundohyun band attended. I attended because I very like Yundohyun band. But the rock festival was very crowded. Because I arrived late, I couldn't see well. So I saw few minutes and went to tteokbokki house. It was very happy days.


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