Kangs Dental Clinic

Kang's Dental Clinic

Kang's Dental Clinic has been in business since 1950, passed down from father to son. They offer full service dental services in English with a friendly atmosphere and a warm, welcoming staff. Dr. Tae Ho Kang studied at the Harvard School of Medicine, giving him the expertise to give you the best possible treatment available.

Located in Seomyeon, just outside of exit #2 of the Seomyeong subway station.


Testimonial from Haps' Reader:


"When I arrived, the receptionist was nice, spoke English well and had a very friendly smile.  After waiting about 10minutes, I was asked to the x-ray room, at first I thought, why are they doing this as I only asked for a cleaning, the dental assistant spoke again in very good English and reassured me that the x-rays were just procedural for new patients and it was free.  The x-ray took all of about 30 seconds, it was very high tech, the scanner moves around your head and all you need to do is close your eyes and stand there.  

After my x-ray I was moved to the dental chair, the dental assistant who was going to do my cleaning asked me if i spoke Korean.  After replying that I in fact did not she reassured me that should i feel any pain I should just raise my left hand.  After a short time, she was finished and I was very happy that there was very little pain.  After my scaling she showed me before and after digital pictures on the flat screen and I could really see the difference (it was very nice to see as usually I have no idea where my 50 bucks is going).  After the cleaning, she told me that the dentist would come in and check my teeth one more time.  The dentist entered, very politely told me what he was going to do (again in English) and after a few minutes told me I was fine.

As I re-entered the reception area, I was told that as a BusanHaps reader I would receive an additional discount and that my cleaning was only 40,000 won.  I didn't even have to ask for it.  Overall, I am very pleased with the experience and I will return to visit them again.

Dr. Kang's Dental is a state of the art dental facility and the kindness from staff just made the experience that much more pleasing.  As I mentioned before I am not a fan of dentists but this experience was painless and quick, my two favorite things!

Just wanted to share with you, never expected to write a story.  I would encourage each of you to at least stop in for a cleaning."


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