Surfing in Busan can be done. No guarantees on size, quality, or cleanliness, but it can be done. If you are looking to surf in Busan, there are basically three spots and all are fairly easy to access.

Songjeong Beach

One of the most consistent beaches for surf, it’s also the only beach with a designated surfing area (between two buoy markers) during the busy summer months. It’s a beach break setup that generally closes out, but it can get relatively hollow. Board and wetsuit rentals are available at the surf shop up the beach. It can get very congested with the beginner crowd and could be hazardous to your health. Helmet and body pads recommended.



Mostly closeout beach breaks with that special brown water smell and the occasional plastic bag and/or spent roman candle floating by. There is a sandbar with some decent-but-soft rights in front of Bridge Motel where you can usually find the regular Gwangali crew.

 There is a surf shop called Min Camp up the street, and not much of a problem finding a post-surf coffee shop.You could throw your surfboard blindly and hit one -- though most aren't open during early surf time.



The main break is an A-frame in front of the Paradise Hotel towards the west end of the beach. Probably the most popular spot in Busan, so it gets pretty crowded. You can expect to share waves with 20-30 of your closest friends on decent days.  

During the summer months, the lifeguards have been letting people surf before 8:30 a.m., but they are pretty persistent with the whistle after that. It's up to you whether you want to test the reach of the arm of the law.

The Authorities

For people who haven’t surfed here before, the lifeguards and/or police have some frustrating rules for each spot, particularly during the summer beach months, officially July 1st to August 31st.

Most decent swells in Busan coincide with a typhoon warning, and that makes the authorities very nervous regardless of the size and danger of the surf. Even if it's waist high, mushy, and wouldn't knock over a drunken peg-leg with vertigo, the lifeguards and police may call you out of the water, unless you've registered your name and ARC number with the lifeguard headquarters (or nearby surf shop) before you paddle out.  

Of course, as on public roads, enforcement can vary. Ignoring the whistles and sirens can result in the police just going away, but there have been rumors of people being issued tickets for "surfing without a permit" (though this writer has never seen or experienced it). For the record, trying to argue that the conditions "are not very dangerous" and that you've "made bigger waves in the toilet" has yet to result in an extended surfing session.





Compiled by Daniel Cross

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Surf Shops

Kai Surf Shop

Whether you're into surfing or just enjoying a the sand and the sea, Kai Surf Shop is your one stop shop for surf and shore.

Kai Surf Shop, the newest pro shop for everything surfing, carries a great selection of apparel and anything you need to hit the beach on the sand or in the sea.

Located in Gwangan-li, they provide lessons and rentals in English and carry top quality brands such as Surfer Girl, Spider and Ocean & Earth.

You can check out their website for directions and contact information.





Mino Surf

Korea's largest surf shop. Mino Surf is located at the end of Haeundae Beach in Mipo.

You can check out their website here. And there is a review from Haps here.



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