Dongnae National Traditional Art Competition Held This Weekend
6 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Dongnae Cultural Center will host the 39th Annual Busan Dongnae National Traditional Art competition, at the Dongnae Cultural Center on June 15th. 

This year's competition will be divided into three sections: dancing, musical instrument, and singing, with entries for both students and adults. 

21 competitors will be given awards by the President, the Speaker of the National Assembly the Minister of Culture Sports and Tourism and the...

Lore Bert: Art & Knowledge in the 5 Platonic Solids to Be Held at Busan Museum of Art
8 weeks 4 hours ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Lore Bert’s art exhibition, ‘Art & Knowledge in the 5 Platonic Solids’ is currently being held at Busan Museum of Art until July 6. Lore Bert is a modern artist who lives and works in Germany. 

She has participated in over 200 exhibitions in Asia and Europe and had a solo exhibition at the Hyundai Gallery in Seoul in 1989. Art & Knowledge in the 5 Platonic Solids is her first exhibit in Busan.   

Constructive, geometrical and...

10 Tips for Boosting Your Creativity
10 weeks 4 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Countless books and publications have been written on how to boost creativity and the power of mindfulness and solitude in the creative process. This past winter I had the chance...

MOTHER'S ROOM: Art Exhibition (until May 29th)
11 weeks 6 days ago

After Gaby Berglund Cardenas' IV Solo Exhibition and her participation in Art Show Busan 2014 represented by Soohohrom Busan Gallery, the gallery is hosting a new show by this local artist, whose immediate plans include a group exhibit in S. Francisco and Berlin as well as an International Woodcut Print Exhibition.

About 'Mother's Room': The back room of the gallery has been transformed into a space that make us travel back in time to our childhood memories...

Art Show Busan a Huge Success
13 weeks 6 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- "Art Show Busan 2014" ended yesterday recording more spectators and higher sales than last year. 

An increase of 20 percent and 60 percent was observed in the number of spectators and sales on the spot compared to 33,000 spectators and 5.1 billion won last year. 

In this year's art show held in the 2nd auditorium at BEXCO, 162 galleries from 16 countries, including 106 domestic galleries and 56 foreign galleries participated. 1,000...

ArtShow Busan Underway at BEXCO this Weekend
14 weeks 3 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The City of Busan has announced that it will include an exhibit dedicated to the ‘Sanbokdoro (Hillside Road) Project’ at ARTSHOW Busan 2014, which will be held from April 18 - 21 at BEXCO. 

As part of the Art Band Program which introduces various art activities into local communities, the exhibit will feature...

Former Haeundae, Songjeong Stations to Become Public Art Spaces
17 weeks 4 hours ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Haeundae and Songjeong Station, which are no longer in use, will be turned into a public art gallery in April. 

Haeundae-gu will hold the opening ceremony for the civic galleries at former Haeundae Station April 10th and Songjeong Station April 21st. 

The former Haeundae station will have two art galleries, a retail art gallery and a concert hall. 

The former Songjeong station will have one art gallery, a workshop for artists, and...

Gaby Berglund Cardenas Exhibition "The Mind Will Always Be Free"
19 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Local artist Gaby Berglund Cardenas has been invited to have her IV Solo Exhibition in Busan at Soohohrom Gallery...

Busan Biennale Organizing Committee Announces Dates for 2014
20 weeks 4 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The organizing committee of Busan Biennale said it will hold the Busan Biennale from the 20th of September to the 22nd of November for 64 days around Busan Museum of Art and Busan Cultural Center. 

This Biennale under the theme "Inhabiting the World" consists of the main exhibition, two special exhibitions, various conferences, an international exchange event and the civic participation event. 

The main exhibition, directed by...

Capturing Kansai: Photos of the Faces of the People that you Meet
23 weeks 13 hours ago

KANSAI, Japan -- Since living in Korea from February 2011, I’ve spent my week-long winter vacations in Japan, with the last two being in the Kansai region, flying in and out of Osaka.

I had become a keen street photographer since my first visit to Asia in late 2009, but just prior to my second visit to Japan, I had acquired a mirrorless camera with fixed lenses. The depth and quality of the images I could produce led me into focusing more on portraits.


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