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Companies Fined for Price Fixing Ramyeon
2 years 17 weeks ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- Ramyeon is a ubiquitous part of Korean dining culture. It’s an affordable meal for a busy life on the Peninsula. It’s eaten by Korean presidents and beggars alike. It’s shipped all over the world as a delicious and cheap symbol of Korean (and Japanese) manufacturing ingenuity. Ramyeon is food for the masses. Which is why it comes as a surprise to this writer that its four biggest manufactures in Korea have been fixing the price on...

North Korea Enters China`s Online Arena
2 years 19 weeks ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- The North Korean government’s official propaganda arm has reportedly joined the Chinese social media website, Sina Weibo. According to the Shanghaist, which refers to Weibo as a Twitter clone,

On March 7, a pro-DPRK account by the name of “...

Feature: China and North Korea`s Growing Drug Trade
2 years 21 weeks ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- Over the last several years, there has been a steady increase in the number of reported drug smuggling cases along the Chinese/North Korean border. Most of the smuggling suspects have been North Koreans, but Chinese authorities have been reluctant to react to the cross-border dealings of it’s close ally and neighbour.  

The surge of narcotics, mostly methamphetamines,...

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