Six Booked in Gijang Kindergarten Abuse Case
6 hours 20 min ago

A Busan Gijang-gun police investigation into alleged child abuse in a Gijang-gun kindergarten revealed four teachers committed acts against 16 children. 

The police agency has requested an arrest warrant for a 30-year-old female teacher, Mrs. A, for abusing eight kindergartners 20 times including ordering two 5-year-old kindergartners to fight each other. 

The police also booked three teachers, including a 23-year-old Mrs. B for abusing eight kindergartners five times, without...

Over 1.5 Million Visit Busan's Beaches Over the Weekend
11 hours 13 min ago

More than 1.52 million vacationers visited Busan's seven beaches yesterday. Yesterday also marked the first week of Korea's summer vacation season. 

City officials believe Busan's summer vacation season will reach it's peak when Busan's beaches will host the 19th Annual Busan Sea Festival. The Festival's opening ceremony will be August 1st and the ceremony will continue until August 7th. 

Source: Busan eFM News


Night Culture Alive in Gwangan
2 days 3 hours ago

No vehicles will be allowed along the Gwangalli Beach Road on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. in July and August while the summer season is in full swing.

The 750-meter vehicle-free and pedestrian-only section stretches from the Eonyang three-way junction to the Meeting Square.

To help the local commercial area around Gwangalli and attract tourists through various cultural events, the car-free zone has been in place on Saturday and Sunday evenings during July and August since 2007...

Haps Weekend Picks July 25,26,27
4 days 5 hours ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The end of July brings Korean vacation season for the next two weeks with local beaches bustling with thousands of out-of-towners.

This weekend is highlighted by the return of the 9th Busan International Kids Film Festival, with over 70 films showcasing movies based on children’s books and stories. There's also some other great events indoors this weekend if you're looking to beat the heat indoors.

You can check out the ...

Heat Wave to Continue, Monsoon Rains Forecasted for Southern Region
4 days 8 hours ago

The continuous heat wave has led to numerous tropical nights around Busan and the Gyeongnam region, as Busan's low temperature last night was 25.5'C, while Tongyeong, Geoje and Namhae's overnight temperature was also more than 25 degrees. 

The weather agency has forecasted monsoon-season rains around the region, but the heat wave will be in full effect during daytime and nighttime hours for a significant period of time. Today is expected to reach a daytime high of 33'C with...

Female Teacher Who Ordered Bullying Faces Charges
1 week 3 days ago

Criminal Court 1, Dongbu Branch of the Busan District Public Prosecutor's Office is prosecuting a 38-year-old teacher named Mrs. A, who teaches at a Busan elementary school, for ordering students to bully other students in the class without detention. 

She was accused of engaging in bullying including ordering the class to treat a student as if she was invisible and also ordered students to look over her in the restroom in April last year. 

The office said they prosecuted her with the...

1 week 3 days ago

다가오는 토요일에는 우리나라 대구 순천에서 활동하는 미국 영국에서 온 디제이들이 하우스, 테크하우스를 플레이합니다. 뜨거운 여름을 시원한 하우스 음악으로 즐겨봅시다.

It's the middle of Summer folks, and it is hot, sweaty, and nasty. Come to Almost Famous and enjoy a night of dancing in the heat to some good HOUSE music. ALL FOLKS ARE WELCOME just as long as you bring your sexy attitude and good vibes (Asian, black,...

Fire on Subway Line 1 Sends Five to the Hospital
1 week 4 days ago

Five people were injured and some 400 others evacuated after the air-conditioning system on a subway train caught fire in Busan. 

The fire broke out at City Hall Station on Subway Line 1 at around 5:41 p.m. today and was brought under control in about 10 minutes, according to subway officials in the city. Five people were taken to nearby hospitals with minor injuries sustained by falling or inhaling smoke. 

The subway Line No.1 resumed its operation at around 6:55pm after being halted...

Foreigners Account For 1.5% of Busan Population
2 weeks 7 hours ago

An official with the city of Busan said there were 54,394 foreigners living in the city. This includes foreigners who have lived here for long periods of time, naturalized citizens and children of foreign residents. The results were based on the beginning of the year. 

The number accounts for 1.5% of Busan's 3,527,000 people. It also represents a 5.4% increased compared to 2013 numbers. 

Experts believe the increasing number is due to liberalizing immigration requirements for...

Heat Warning Issued for the Southern Peninsula
2 weeks 3 days ago

A heat wave will hit Busan and Gyeongnam after Typhoon Neoguri's path diverted around the country earlier this week. Temperatures are expected to rise to 32 degrees Celcisus, or about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Busan's overnight temperature was 24.4 degrees, coming close to the 25 degrees threshold that officially declares tropical temperatures. Gimhae's overnight temperature was 23.9 degrees. 

Citizens have been visiting riversides and beaches to cool off from the high temperatures...

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