Chris in South Korea

Self-Publishing Workshops Coming to Seoul and Daejeon
1 year 34 weeks ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- These days, anyone that's written a book can get published on Amazon, Apple, and elsewhere. Simply writing a book, however, doesn't mean it will get seen - or bought - by the masses. It's also not a get-rich-quick scheme - there's more than a few things to learn about the business, marketing, and the technical side of...

Crashing in Seoul on the Cheap
2 years 31 weeks ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- Five star hotels they are not, but at 7,000-15,000 won a night, they are a great option when visiting the Korean capital. And the ample baths and showers feel great the next morning. Here's a guide to some good spots to get a good night's rest and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a Korean bathhouse.

Hongdae Area:

The best option is within walking distance of Hongdae's club...

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