Dal Mi Cocco, PNU`s Franco-Italian Food Option
1 week 5 days ago


BUSAN, South Korea -- It seems all the new French restaurants in Korea are hidden in alleys or side streets that make them overlooked by the majority of pedestrians, and Dal Mi Cocco is no exception. With a name meaning “...

April Festivals Feature Local Delicacies
2 weeks 1 day ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Festivals featuring locally grown foods will be held throughout the month of April in Busan. The 14th Daejeo Tomato Festival, which offers visitors a taste of freshly harvested tomatoes, will take place from April 5 - 6 at Gangseo Sports Park.


CockAsian Korean Spicy Chicken Truck Ready to Roll Despite Hard to Swallow Name
5 weeks 1 day ago

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- When entrepreneur Candie Yoder sought out a name to describe her Korean spicy fried chicken truck, she settled on CockAsian. It seemed to her (as a Caucasian cooking Asian food)...

The Dish: Hobak Bokkeum - Fried Seasoned Zucchini
11 weeks 4 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- When planning to prepare a Korean meal with zucchini, there are many options. One is hobak jeon, a zucchini pancake, which is always tasty. Another option is gungjung tteokbokki, the royal ancestor of ...

The Dish: A Variety of Asian Food Markets Popping up in Busan
14 weeks 1 day ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- I will never forget the exact moment I first tried Asian food. I was 13-years-old and I found myself sitting in a Chinese restaurant in the port town of Le Havre, France on a rather dismal night. Staring at the menu in a language I had little grasp of, I read over a whole array of exotic...

The Dish: Matt`s Chocolate Mousse
24 weeks 5 days ago

Chocolate Mousse

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes, plus an hour or so for chilling. Serves 4.


  • 75g of dark chocolate
  • 2 eggs, separated
  • 25g of butter, melted
  • 2 tbsp of sugar
  • ...
The Dish: Fall Fusion - Some Interesting Twists on Traditional Korean Foods
26 weeks 4 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- One of the things that has made living in Korea such an interesting journey is that it bears all the traits of a treasure hunt. When I first arrived in 2006, items like sour cream, cheddar cheese and chick peas...

Review: Enjoy Crepes and More at Brunch Cafe Ean
28 weeks 3 days ago


BUSAN, South Korea -- Haps readers who saw my September article about La Celtique, the creperie in Seoul, can now find relief in the knowledge that they do not have to go all the way to the capital...

The Beer Essentials: Put Down that Swill and Reach for the Best Korea has to Offer
33 weeks 3 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- If you were thirsty for a draft beer as little as four years ago, you were forced to choose between domestically-produced Cass, Hite, OB and little else. While quality imported beer in the bottle wasn't...

Club Tao
33 weeks 6 days ago

Club Tao is an exciting new club located just off the beach in Haeundae. With dancing, drinking, great music and food, Tao has something for everyone.


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