Feature: Taking Japanese Grievances Global
17 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- For those who have spent even a short time living in the Republic of Korea, it is readily evident that anti-Japanese sentiments run strong and hot. On one level, it makes sense that...

Internet Feud Leads to Murder
1 year 4 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- An Internet feud turned into a murder in the city last week. The Busan Haeundae Police Station has arrested 30-year-old Baek in Yeonsan-dong who lives in Gwangju on the charge of murder of 30-year-old Kim. 

Baek killed Kim when she came out of her house at night on the 10th in Banyeo-dong, in a 3 month plot to relieve his rage over an argument on a political debate website. 

Source: Busan eFM News...

Dennis Rodman Calls on Kim Jong-un to `Do me a Solid` and Release Imprisoned American
1 year 14 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The world viewed former NBA star and lifelong social agitant Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea as little more than spectacle and far short of substance, but “The Worm” might very well redeem himself in the public...

Feature: Remembering Maggie - A British Expat Looks Back on the Thatcher Years
1 year 18 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Over the last two days, since Margaret Thatcher's...

Interview: Economist Correspondent and Author Daniel Tudor Talks Korea
1 year 31 weeks ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- For those with even a brief experience living in South Korea, there is one thing on which all will concur: they are a proud people. Proud of their food, their history and their culture, while imbued with an...

Korean Elections: The Race for the Blue House
1 year 35 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Despite all that’s been written about it so far, Korea’s presidential election really only just began. S*** got real once...

Exclusive: PSY`s Anti-America Protesting Past?
1 year 37 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The talented 34-year-old rapper Park Jae-sang, known better to the world as PSY, has been a controversial staple of the Korean music scene since his first full-length album, ...

Inside Look: Who is Running for President? Part Three - Park Geun Hye
1 year 44 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Park Geun-hye’s candidacy has both an uphill battle and an unfair advantage.

Her advantage is over both Moon...

Inside Look: Who is Running for President? Part Two - Moon Jae-in
1 year 46 weeks ago

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA -- Moon Jae-in is way more badass than he looks.

He’s the seemingly milquetoast 59-year-old, gray-haired candidate for the Democratic United Party, the current left-wing opposition. His main opponent is Park Geun-hye, a conservative who is—and this is where it gets awesome—the daughter of Korea...

Inside Look: Who is Running for President? Part One - Ahn Cheol-soo
1 year 47 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Just in case you didn’t know, South Korea has a presidential election coming up December 19. It’s a pretty big deal. The Sixth Republic of South Korea has only had five presidents so far, and the current Blue House resident—Lee Myung-bak—has...

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