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One Dead, Six Injured After South Korean Tour Bus Crashes in Australia
2 days 5 hours ago

The government has confirmed that the one person was killed and six others were injured in a tour bus crash in Victoria, Australia on Thursday. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that a minibus carrying South Korean citizens crashed off the Great Ocean Road, resulting in the death of a woman in her 40's and the injury of six others. 

The injured are being treated at three local hospitals, and one male teen is in critical condition. 

The ministry sent an...

1 week 2 days ago

다가오는 토요일에는 우리나라 대구 순천에서 활동하는 미국 영국에서 온 디제이들이 하우스, 테크하우스를 플레이합니다. 뜨거운 여름을 시원한 하우스 음악으로 즐겨봅시다.

It's the middle of Summer folks, and it is hot, sweaty, and nasty. Come to Almost Famous and enjoy a night of dancing in the heat to some good HOUSE music. ALL FOLKS ARE WELCOME just as long as you bring your sexy attitude and good vibes (Asian, black,...

Japan Viewed as 2nd Biggest Military Threat
2 weeks 2 days ago

South Koreans chose Japan as the country that poses the second-biggest military threat following North Korea, a survey showed today. This is seen as an indication of Koreans' discomfort with Japan's stance on history and moves to expand the role of its military. 

A total of 46.3 percent of Korean respondents selected Japan as the most threatening nation, trailing North Korea with 83.4 percent, according to the joint survey by the East Asia Institute in Seoul and Genron NPO, a Japanese think tank....

Damage Reported as Typhoon Neoguri Hits Jeju
2 weeks 3 days ago

Damage has been reported in Jeju as the island is beginning to fall under the direct influence of Typhoon Neoguri. A typhoon warning is in effect, and multiple flights have been grounded. Beaches and Hallasan National Park have been closed, while some schools are also cancelling classes.

Neoguri is expected to be weaker as it continues to move northward. However, southern parts of the peninsula are forecast to receive up to 30 millimeters of heavy rain per hour due to effects of the typhoon. 

Typhoon Neoguri May Hit South Korea By Wednesday
2 weeks 6 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Typhoon Neoguri looks set to hammer Japan early this week, though may also hit the Korean peninsula harder mid-week if it is delayed in its progress east. 

The first typhoon of the season is rapidly intensifying and will likely become a super typhoon as it moves northwest over the warm open waters of the western Pacific. Anyone in Japan and even South Korea will have to watch this storm and pay close attention to the track according to...

Three Earthquakes Hit Southern Region
3 weeks 2 days ago

ULSAN, South Korea -- Three small earthquakes hit the southeastern coast tonight, raising concerns about the possibility of a larger quake soon hitting the region. According to Yonhap News, a 3.5 magnitude earthquake, centered about 35 kilometers northeast of the southeastern city of Ulsan, struck first at 9:57 p.m.

A second 2.6 magnitude quake stuck seven minutes later, while a third, recorded at 1.9 struck at 10:10 p.m.

Korea Meteorological Administration...

South Korean Football Coach Resignation Rejected by KFA
3 weeks 2 days ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korea's football governing body announced today it has rejected a resignation offer by men's national team head coach Hong Myung-bo in the wake of the country's winless FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

At a press conference, Huh Jung-moo, vice president of the Korea Football Association, said that Coach Hong's resignation in light of the disappointing World Cup isn't the best solution. And that they have decided to trust him and support him going forward....

First Camping Site Within City Limits to Open July 18
3 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- An official of Busan Nakdong River Environmental Office said it will open an auto-camping site in Samrack Ecological Park in Sasang-gu from the 18th of this month. This is the first auto camping site in Busan. 

The use fees for the camping site are 25,000 won for auto-camping sites and 15,000 won for normal camping sites on a day basis. 

Reservation is possible in the separate reservation site linking with the...

Minimum Wage Will Rise to 5,580 Won Next Year
3 weeks 4 days ago

A trilateral committee of government, labor and management representatives agreed  to raise the country's minimum hourly wage by about 7.1 percent to 5,580 won (US$5.50) per hour for next year, officials said. 

The Minimum Wage Council reached the deal after an intensive overnight discussion on compromise plans. This marks the first time in six years that a minimum wage has been set within a legal deadline. 

The hourly wage translates to 44,640 won a day for those who work eight...

Korea's Cy Young Award Finalized
3 weeks 5 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Korea's Cy Young Award to honor Immortal Pitcher Choi Dong-won will be created to recognize the best pitchers in Korea. 

A staff of the Choi Dong-won Memorial Association said they have come to an agreement for the establishment and award prizes with Busan Bank in Sajik Stadium. 

Busan Bank will provide 30 million won to the Memorial Association. 

Source: Busan eFM News...

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